Veterans P.A.W.S was created to help fill a void in service dog availability in the tri-state area (TN, AL, and GA). Being a disabled veteran myself who has searched for two years for a service dog, I know first hand the struggle and problems there are in this area. The VA will only approve a service dog for veterans with PTSD or mental health issues, this leaves out so many other disabled veterans who have mobility issues, diabetes or any other medical need for a service dog. This leaves the veteran with the only option of having to pay for a service dog and training on their own. Our goal is to provide a service dog to all types of veterans in need. We will begin evaluating the veterans needs and the match them to a service dog or train a service dog for them. Our service dogs will come from pure bred German Shepherds and we will also be using rescue dogs that we evaluate and adopt from the local rescue. We want all of these services to be free to approved veterans. We hope to bring freedom and solace to these veterans in need as well as saving the lives of shelter dogs

If You would like to donate to P.A.W.S please click on the link below.

If you are a disabled veteran in need of a service dog in the tri-state area you can fill out an application forum by clicking on the link below.
For more information about P.A.W.S Check out their website here.